A song that saved me…

Hear My Cry

On the About page, I mention that some of the music I do has “saved me” – this is one of those pieces.

Hear My Cry
Words & music by dw

(Me – lost soul)

Hear my cry O God (if you are) above;
Rescue me O Lord (if you are) of love;
I’ve strayed so far away,
I’ve surely lost my way.
Lead me safely home.

(Jesus – savior of lost soul)

It doesn’t matter what things you’ve done;
It doesn’t matter what you’ve failed to do;
It doesn’t matter how far you might have strayed;
It doesn’t matter what you fear you might do:
I’m reaching out to you with my love,
And my love is, oh, so strong:
Believe in me, receive my love –
I will surely take you home.


Doesn’t it matter how much pain I’ve caused?
Doesn’t it matter I found gain in others’ loss?


Doesn’t it matter that I knew just what you’d do?
Doesn’t it matter that I still gave my life for you?

[repeat first two stanzas, sung simultaneously]


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