Guest artist Elizabeth Daggar

I’ve been following Elizabeth’s blog since the beginning of October and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here is something she wrote in a recent post that struck me.

Most folks are temporary. There’s a time during which you overlap. It ends.

The thing to always remember is that you’re permanent. Be permanent to yourself. A solid. And recognize those who exhibit permanent qualities in return— they’re your rocks. Will help get you to your True North. The Keepers.

– from this post


And here is an example of her artwork.031_broom-and-pumpkin

I highly recommend her blog!

New music – Pretty

This song is not what you think at first.  It is the struggle of relationships, the in-the-balance moments at the end of a date, maybe the lets-get-this-over-with moments 5 or 15 or 25 years into a marriage.  I hope it gives some woman, somewhere, words to voice what her soul is feeling; I hope it gives some man, somewhere, a clue.  In a live vocal performance, there would be a third time through where the man and woman are singing their words together in a gentle tug of war and it would end with a question mark: tonight?  See the lyrics below.

Grace and peace to you…




Words and music by dw

Copyright © 2016


You’re as pretty as the night is long;

I’ll want you as long as you’re pretty;

I’ll love you as long as I want you;

And I’ll stay with you as long as I love you.

Tonight, I want to stay with you.


If you’re thinking about staying the night;

If you stay with me as long as we both live;

If you love me as long as you stay with me,

And if you want me as long as you love me,

Then tonight … I feel pretty.



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