Net neutrality message on this blog

I have opted to turn on the new feature that highlights the importance of net neutrality to all of us blogsters.  The feature includes an irritating-but-humorous ‘waiting’ sequence, followed by a message giving you access to more information.

I know it’s frustrating and obnoxious (if you chose to close the message, you might go back to ‘waiting’)…but not as frustrating and obnoxious as the internet is likely to be without Net Neutrality.  I encourage you to look at the information and to consider contacting your representatives in congress.

There is a bug – once you get back to my home page, the layout of the posts is wonky.  I have reported that to  But you can still click on the individual posts to see them.

Please – I’d love to hear your thoughts about this; would you consider leaving a comment to let me know.

One more thing…if you have a WordPress blog, would you consider turning this feature on?  (Its in the General Settings.)

2 thoughts on “Net neutrality message on this blog

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  1. I agree with you completely re the need for net neutrality, and have written my federal legislators on multiple occasions on the issue. The WordPress feature is packed with a lot of great information. My concern is that the loading, still loading messages, and then the “Make It Stop” icon could be interpreted by some as an example of phishing or another nefarious type of link. Given my experience in working with novices in social media, I believe my concern does have merit.

    I think wordpress might be better served by allowing the option to have a banner or some sort of icon that could be posted on pages that are transparent in intent from the start. Although the current feature is clever enough, I question whether it would drive folks to action any more than a banner.

    Regardless, I concur that we need to flood our elected officials with communications on the subject.


    1. Hi Robert,

      I agree with you completely; I emailed support earlier today asking them to make their new feature less obnoxious and also to do some more testing so it doesn’t mess up the layout of my homepage. I think I’ll give it until tomorrow and then remove the feature.

      It is clever…no way to miss it!

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts – it has helped shape mine.

      Grace and peace to you…



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